Tips for Quilting/Sewing Room Organization-Part 3 Keys to success!

Pat yourself on the back; you have already gotten yourself off to a good start by evaluating your space and your priorities within that space.    Here are a few keys to understanding organization that will help you through that process.  It’s all about reality, functionality, best utilization of space and organization; last but not least, decoration-inspiration-motivation.  I will talk more a bit about each of these over the next few days!

Let’s talk about reality, be realistic!  I can’t make you a whole full out quilt studio with all the bells and whistles out of just a desk.  But whether it’s a dedicate room, the dining room table, an armoire, closet or even a desk you would be surprised what you can do with whatever you have!  It’s time to get started!  Grab the list you made and prioritized, now take another look at your space, are you still satisfied?  Here’s the chance to make changes to your list before you start.  I will find solace in knowing that the total reorganization of my studio will not have been in vain if I can help you avoid making some of the mistakes I did.   Don’t forget you don’t have to get rid of the unrealistic ideas from your list, just make another column and mark it future goals-something for you to work towards!

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