Tips for Quilting/Sewing Room Organization-Functionality and Space Utilization!

I would make a wager that some part of your to do list has to do with functionality and/or space utilization.  Functionality is to serve a useful purpose. Space Utilization is the best use of space.  So you can see how functionality and space utilization go hand in hand.  From the evaluation of your space, what works, what doesn’t?  Are there things that you might need to make your space more functional?   Are there things that don’t serve a purpose? Are there things that could be re-purposed or rearranged to better utilize your space? What are they?

Now that you know what works in the space and what doesn’t, let’s keep our focus on fixing the things that don’t work and/or don’t serve a purpose or need re-purposed or items you need to get.  Many things that can make your space more functional can be found around the house; some things you may be able to make or purchased depending on your needs.

Best utilization and functionality of your space is key to having a happy quilting/sewing room and a happy quilter!  I have done my quilting/sewing in a variety of places throughout the house, on tv trays, the dining room table, even the coffee table, I’m sure some of you can relate, it can be very frustrating.  If you can follow some of these organization techniques it will help save you time and frustration.  When everything has a place it makes everything in the space more enjoyable, more efficient and more productive .  In turn it makes you want to quilt even more!

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