That Cherished Fabric in our Stash

As quilters and fabricaholics, I don’t know one of them that doesn’t have a favorite fabric they just had to have but don’t have the heart to cut it up into little peaces!  We pull it out of our stash, admire it, and put it right back into the stash.  That is the precise reasons I developed the Night Owl Hoot Pattern!  It gives you a chance to use that fabric in larger pieces so that you can show off that cherished fabric.  One of mine was a wonderful black and white owl print fabric that would be totally lost if cut up into smaller bits, see below as I was auditioning fabrics.

This pattern has great uses not only a good way to show off a specific fabric but it is a great quilt design for novice quilters!  The pattern uses some quick piecing techniques which makes it a great pattern for those times when you need to get a quilt done in a hurry.  I hope that you enjoy the quilt as much as I do!  check out the pattern in our Online Store.

Owl Fabric for Night Owl Hoot pattern

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