Surprise in the mail-Aurifil Thread!

Do you ever still feel like a kid when a package arrives that you have been waiting for?  It feels like Christmas morning ripping that package open!  I did just that when I arrived home to a happy surprise waiting for me.  I was one of the fortunate winners on Talkin’ Tuesdays several weeks ago.  The sponsor of the evening was Aurifil Thread and I can’t wait to get my thread sample packs down to the quilt studio and take the thread for a test drive on one of my quilts!   Given all the rave reviews from my fellow tweetchat friends I already know I will love this thread.

The sample pack has not only different colors, including variegated thread, but also different types of thread.  There was even wool thread, I have not had a chance to work with wool yet but sounds interesting!  Thanks again to Cara Quilts the host of Talkin’ Tuesday and Aurifil for their wonderful sponsorship.  What more can a quilt gal ask for then something new to play with and and a new product to add to my quilting stash.

Aurifil Thead Sampler

2 comments to Surprise in the mail-Aurifil Thread!

  • Marie D,

    I got to this sight through quilting gallery. I really like your entry. I read a few of your posts and thought I would tell you how much help a grapefruit spoon is for pin basting. The serrated edges help to close and open the pins. I have one that used to be my mother’s, but I’m assuming they still sell them.
    And by the way, the sample threads are delightful.

  • Another blogger has recommended that thread and I will have to see if any of the over-seas venders has it at the next quilt show this fall.
    I enjoyed your flower quilt very much. Thanks for posting it with the weekly theme.