State Fair Time in Nebraska!

The 142nd annual Nebraska State Fair starts tomorrow, August 26 and run through September 5!   This is the second year the fair is at the Grand Island, NE location since it was relocated from our state capital of Lincoln, NE and it is still as fun as when I was a kid!   This year the Quilt Exhibit has a new category, the Textile Arts Department!!!  To keep up with the current movement of quilting and textile arts this new category allows artists to have a place to enter their work that didn’t fit the definition required to enter.  A quilt is defined as a fabric sandwich typically made of three layers (a top, a filling and a back) held together by thread or string that goes through all layers.   This new category allows a place for garments and wearable creations.  There are areas for quilted table runners, place mats and pillows.  There is also a mixed media fiber art category giving people an opportunity to enter items that previously wouldn’t fit in one of the other categories!  With all of the wonderful changes in quilting I am glad to see that the fair is changing to fit with the current trends.   Last year they had an exceptional quilt show and with roughly 500 quilts!   I can’t wait to see how many entries they will have this year with the new changes.  This year they are also doing a County Quilt Blocks exhibit.  They are hoping to get a quilt block made by quilters from each of the 93 counties in Nebraska.  Grab your quilting friends and head for the fair, there is surely something for every type of quilter!

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