Report from Spring Quilt Market

For a first timer at Quilt Market it can be an overwhelming thing!  Especially when you voyage to and from and plan to see the whole show all in one day.  I commend all the vendors for a providing a fabulous show, from the individuals to the big timers.  I do not know how an owner can keep everything straight, a good game plan is a good start.

It was great to meet some wonderful new people, and also to run into a bunch of friends from all over the world and finally meet face to face!

I was amazed to see how much children’s clothes we represented and soft toys and interior decorations.  I saw a huge amount of modern fabrics, modern quilts and large scale piecing and traditional patterns revitalized in modern fabrics!  A ton of gray, pink and oranges prints.  A lot of batik tonals that I wish I bring home all of them.  I am loving the Christmas prints that will be coming out soon!

I also want to take my hat off to all of the quilters who had their quilts on display in the show area, tremendously beautiful quilts!

Its amazing how a trip like that can revitalize you, your spirit and make you want to run home to my studio and create!  That it is after a well deserved nap.

I did however learn one very important thing, bring a cart or suitcase  with wheels to the show, it will save you from having some incredible sore shoulders!  A small thing to endure, I truly enjoyed every minute of it!

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