Quilting and/or Sewing Areas – Tips for Organization

When you finally decide it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning, be it a part of your New Year’s resolution or maybe you’ve just had it with not being able to find anything; it can feel like a daunting task, well that is depending on what condition your quilting space is in now.  For me the biggest motivator to starting to work on reorganizing my quilting studio is due to relocation, I have moved my studio.  In the process I need to reorganize as I start to set things up to fit the new environment.  You may be asking yourself where do I start and what to do?  I will share with you some tips over the next several weeks that I hope will encourage you to get that space organized, functional and comfortable!

2 comments to Quilting and/or Sewing Areas – Tips for Organization

  • We have a new addition to the family in April – so we have to move the toddler to the guest room.
    The guest room is where i did my quilting. so that has to be moved out (the guest bed will remain)

    I have hired some youth of the church to help me move it all to the basement.

    Im not thrilled with going to the basement- but you do what you have to (and install more lights)

    • I actually am moving to a bigger room but i dont think its the size of the room that is the problems its now to utilize it best. If you have a chance to catch more of my upcoming blogs I will talk about all of that! And as always, happy quilting!