Quilt Studio and Sewing Room Organization!

My new years resolution has started a bit early this year.  We have been in the process of moving my quilt studio to a larger room in the house!!!!  It is not its ultimate final destination but definitely a major increase in space!   It has been a lot of hard work and have way more to go before I am settled in, but am happy with it already!

Making a move like this has made me see just how much quilting things that I have acquired  and how desperately I need to work on organization, as I am sure that many of us need to do.  My last space I grew out of before I got a chance to fully move into it.  In the process of moving I found UFOs, forgotten projects and things I knew I had but just could not seem to find them anywhere, and the list goes on!

One of the things that I have found to be helpful is if you are like me and collect fabrics for more than one quilt at a time I use clear totes (size approx. H-5 W-15 D-18) and put not only the fabric but also the pattern in the box.  When organizing these project boxes I will try to keep a list of items needed and cross them off as I acquire them.  I also try to make notes of which fabrics go for what part.  This is especially helpful  if it is a project I may be collecting fabrics for for a while or won’t be able to get to right away.  Thatt way I don’t have to rack my brain trying to remember which goes with what later.  It also makes it easier to take the box with you to the quilt store if you need more things.

For the regular fabric stash I like to organize fabrics by color.  I find it is the easiest way to find the right fabrics faster.  I also like to keep clear jars like cookie jar size to keep my scraps in and you can even get several and sort those by color as well, again making it easier for when you want to use them.

Tools and notions are another thing that need good organization.  I know we have all at some point spent way too much time trying to find that tool you need and it is nowhere to be found.  I have a basket that keeps all of my templates and rulers all together.  I also have a tool lazy susan that has multiple heights, they can be found in the art section or even kitchen gadget sections at the store.  This is great for corralling all the marking pens and pencils, scissors, seam rippers and rotary cutters, etc; it is a good size that it will fit right on your sewing table and in easy reach.

Thread racks can be very helpful to be able to see what you have and keep the bobbin that goes with it so you don’t need to search for the bobbin and figure out if its the right color. They also have spice rack organizers for drawers if you have space for one that also helps for organizing thread spools.

I like to have a bookshelf as well for quilt books, I use stick notes to mark pages I use frequently and also keep graphing notebooks for when inspiration hits and I need to write it down before I forget!  Another fun thing to have is either a bulletin board or a magnet board to hang on the wall and hang reminders, project ideas and things up that give me inspirations.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to get you started on that next project.

I have to admit that I am a fabricaholic,  as well as many of you are!!  We see that fabric we just have to have, and we all know that most of the time if you go back later to find it, it will be gone, so you buy it when you see it.  If you are great at working from a stash that is wonderful!  I have been trying my best, as a part of that new years resolution to only purchase fabrics for projects I have designed and not just random fabrics without a destination plan.  It helps me to try and keep myself from buying the whole store especially after the stores get in their new fabric lines!  Right now I have fabric for at least 6 quilts and need to get those done and get the patterns finished for all of you to enjoy.

If you decide to take some time and do a bit of organizing your fabric stash and come across fabrics that you have no clue why you ever bought it and don’t ever see yourself using it, consider donating it to a local quilt guild or church groups, most of whom make quilts for those less fortunate, or consider making some yourself!

Even if you are not planning on moving your sewing room, a bit of organization can still help us all be a bit more productive especially with everyone’s’ busy lives these days!  I have several projects that need to get done before Christmas that is only a week away.  I wish all of you good luck for those of you trying to get those last minute projects done in time for the holidays!

I think a  little organization can be helpful for just about all of us and can give us a sense of renewal and motivation.  Especially for those of you who live in the Midwest (like I do) or Northern US when winter can be cold, lifeless and dreary.

I wish you the Happiest of Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year and Happy Quilting to all!


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