Quilt Basting

Quilt basting was one of the topic of Talkin’ Tuesdays a tweetchat group.  The discussion was about how do people baste their quilts, that is for those of us who do not have a longarm machine yet (some day I will have one).  Over all the top two methods were safety pin basting and spray adhesive basting.

I am in the safety pin category, but let me tell you after pinning a large quilt I know my fingers are a bit sore from closing all those pins.  There were several people who mentioned a cool tool that helps to alleviate  those sore fingers, it is called a Kwik Klip by Paula Jean Creations.  You use it to clip and unclip those safety pins, it runs around $7.  Definitely worth the price if is as good as people say.

The other top category of basting was spray adhesive.  I have to say that I have never tried this technique for basting but people who did raved about it.  They said it was quite effective and the product that kept coming up over and over was a product called 505 Spray and Fix.  I looked it up and it had some good qualities.  It is repositionable,  odorless, doesn’t gum up your needles, it is nontoxic and ccontain no CFCs to affect ozone.  As I have not tried the product yet, I can’t give you first hand info but it does sound like a product worth trying.

For those of you lucky people who have long or mid arm machines no basting is required, how wonderful that would be!!!!  Some day I will have to add one to my quilting studio!

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