English Paper Piecing Tea Party!

I went to a tea party at a local quilt shop tonight “More Sew for You”.  We had authentic english scones, devonshire cream and jam, and great hot tea with milk.  We then learned about English Paper Piecing watching one of the DVD’s from Sue Daley, a well know English Paper Piecer from Australia,  showing her techniques and seeing some of her wonderful quilts using this method.  It was very informative and learned a lot about the art of english paper piecing and a better understanding overall!.   I also learned about some cool new tools I was unaware of and would love to have.  Like some milliner needles that I think would help me greatly with my applique and even sewing bindings.  It is a longer needle and easier to hold, they are also know as straw needles.  There was a water soluble glue pen safe for most fabrics called the Sewline Fabric Glue pen that alleviate having to baste with needle and thread or other methods!  There were many other great tools and notions but those interested me the most!
It was a great get together, I ended up knowing many of the people  who attended and we may possibly have a club come out of it.  It just inspires me more to work on designing and quilting.  A great quote I found that totally applies here, “God put me on this earth to sew and finish a certain number of things.  I am so far behind now…..I will never die!”  I sure so many of us can relate to that :)  Too many projects and not enough time.   Happy Quilting to all!!!

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