A drive in the country!

In the last week I have had to made several trips to Western Iowa for family things and have had the pleasure of being a passenger and enjoy watching the lovely green rolling hill pass by, seeing all the farms scattered dotting the landscape and glad to not see too much flooding in the area I was in. One of the things I like most is looking to see if I can see any barn quilts as we pass by the buildings. I was happy to see several of them on my travels, a bright spot in my week! I am glad to see more of them popping up. Iowa has many county’s that even had web pages that will tell you when they are located if you are interested in a peaceful drive through the country. I wish we had time to pull over and take pictures of them so that I could share them with you all.
For any of you who are not familiar with barn quilts, they are not actually made of fabric. They are typically a 8 ft. x 8 ft. square of wood that has a single quilt block painted on it. Typically they are a traditional quilt block but on one quilt shop bus trip I went on I saw a non traditional quilt pattern that was quite striking. I have also seen 4 ft. x 4 ft. quilts on smaller structures like sheds popping up in some of the small towns. In Pender, Nebraska located in north eastern Nebraska, local area merchants have 4ft x 4ft quilts displayed! I am glad to see a resurgence of the barn quilts across the country. One of these days I will have to take a leisurely trip with the camera and bring some photos back to share!

Sac County Barn Quilt

Sac County Barn Quilt Site

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